The main scientific activities of the Institute are:

  • resolving of problems in the mechanics of precision systems;
  • system analysis and synthesis of human-machine-environment structures;
  • technical means of testing, diagnostics and metrology in precision mechanics.

Special attention is to be paid to:

  • problems of critical situations in human machine systems, precision mechanics and control;
  • accuracy of dynamic systems of precision mechanics with micro- and nanomechanical, as well as fiber-optical structures for aerospace engineering and shipbuilding;
  • optical methods for measuring and diagnosing the parameters of objects in the micron, submicron and nanometer ranges;
  • creating new-generation instruments based on nanoscale carbon-containing structures.

Over its 22 years of the Institute existence, our researchers have defended more than 10 doctoral and 23 candidate dissertations.

We are integrating

Postdoctoral education + Fundamental sciences + Manufacturing