Scientific, pedagogical staff and specialists

Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science The Institute was granted a license to conduct educational activities from September 14, 2012 № 0335 – in graduate school in the specialties corresponding to the main areas of scientific activity of the Institute:

05.11.03 – Devices for navigation; 05.13.01 – System analysis, management and processing of information (technical sciences);

05.13.05 – Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems;

05.13.12 – Systems of design automation (technical sciences);

An important indicator of the work of the Institute is the qualitative growth of research workers, expressed in the successful defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations. During the existence of the Institute, the staff defended 10 doctoral and 23 candidate dissertations.

The Institute solves the important tasks of integrating higher education and fundamental science in the Volga region, as well as the formation of scientific and educational potential and interaction in the training of scientific personnel for universities and industry in cooperation with the Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Nanotechnology and Biomedical Technologies of Saratov State University, them. N.G. Chernyshevsky. The integrated educational structure “Scientific and Educational Center for Optics, Laser Measurements and Biophotonics” has been formed.

The Joint Scientific Research Laboratory “Accurate Laser Measurements and Nanobiophonics” was set up to carry out joint fundamental research, innovative developments, training highly qualified specialists in the field of optical technologies and solving practical problems of the Saratov region.