Expert activities

Our researchers are:

  • Experts of Russian Foundation for Basic Research
  • Experts of Russian Research Foundation
  • Experts of Regional Innovation Scientific and Technical Program of high technologies development in the Saratov region
  • Experts of Regional Target Program “Energy Efficiency of the Saratov Region“
  • Members of 5 specialized scientific councils for defending dissertations

Our leading researchers are members of the editorial boards of:

  • “Problems of machine building and machine reliability“
  • “Mechatronics, automation, management“
  • “Management problems“
  • “Aerospace instrumentation“
  • “News of Higher Educational Institutions – Applied Nonlinear Dynamics“
  • Journal of Biomedical Optics,
  • Journal of Biophotonics
  • Lasers in the Life Sciences,
  • Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology,
  • The Open Optics Journal,
  • etc.