The most important practical results of the Institute

Among the most important practical developments of the Institute are:

  • Creation on the basis of the causal theory of automated search systems for the causes of emergencies in complex man-machine systems (aviation-transport systems, power engineering of industrial enterprises, traffic, production of sheet glass, etc.).
  • Development of algorithmic and software for a free-of-charge inertial navigation system.
  • Development of algorithmic and software for thermal analysis of a freeform inertial navigation system with fiber optic gyroscopes and accelerometers.
  • Development of algorithmic and software for analysis of electrophysical processes and synthesis of multi-electrode carbon nanoscale structures for perspective applications in instrument engineering.
  • Creation of automated power management systems for industrial enterprises that provide energy savings at all levels of the production hierarchy and meet the requirements of the electric power and other systems for energy consumption regimes.
  • Development of automated control systems for electric grids based on the Smart Grid concept, which reduces the damage from idle times of power-consuming equipment in disconnected sections of electric networks and reduces losses in them.
  • Development of a super-miniature micromechanical multifunctional sensor of inertial information.
  • Creation of automated systems for laser diagnostics of randomly inhomogeneous objects on the basis of speckle theory.