Modelling of Thermal Effects on Aerospace Devices and Their Components

Конференция подготовлена сотрудниками: д.ф.-м.н Барулина М.А.. к.т.н. Голиков А.В. . Голикова О. В.. к.ф.-м.н., доцент Панкратова Е.В..
на базе: Лаборатория анализа и синтеза динамических систем в прецизионной механике.


Thermal effects on aerospace devices (sensors and systems) directly affect their performance. Thermal influences are one of the main sources of sensor’s errors. The study of the effect of the thermal influences on the devices should be carried out for each device at the design stage. This work is especially crucial for high-precision devices or devices intended to be used in hostile environments like space. The paper proposes a classification and mathematical expressions of temperature influences that affect different kinds of aerospace devices and their electronic components during their operation. The algorithms developed by the authors allow modelling, for example, the change in the ambient temperature of components of a spacecraft navigation system when it is moving in circular or elliptical orbits, to simulate a cyclogram or stochastic of a temperature changing. The usage of the suggested types of thermal influences and relevant mathematical models can help to reduce the development costs of software for modelling and studying thermal processes in different classes of aerospace devices and speed up the process of its development.

DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/630/1/012030

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A V Golikov1, M A Barulina1, E V Pankratova and O V Golikova Modelling of Thermal Effects on Aerospace Devices and Their Components //IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 630, Number 1 DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/630/1/012030