Laboratory of problems of coherent-optical measurements in precision mechanics

The main directions:

  • Coherence properties of light wave fields with broad angular and frequency spectra in interferometric optical systems
  • Methods of optical measurements of micro-vibrations and micro-deformations of objects with a scattering surface in precision mechanics
  • Holographic and speckle-interferometry of the micro-deformation field of scattering objects
  • Optical testing of  surface and volume micro-structure of randomly inhomogeneous objects

Areas of application:

  • micro and nanoelectronics,
  • precision instrumentation and engineering,
  • semiconductor manufacturing,
  • optical production,
  • materials science,
  • biomedicine,
  • etc.

Optical interferometric methods for surface micro-profile testing

  • Testing of micro- and nano-relief of surface
  • The error test of the macroform
  • Testing of the thickness of layers in volume microstructure

Our works: