Using the STEGO Neural Network for Scintigraphic Image Analysis

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Currently, neural networks are being widely implemented for the diagnosis of various diseases, including cancer of various localizations and stages. The vast majority of such solutions use supervised or unsupervised convolutional neural networks, which require a great deal of training data. Using unsupervised image segmentation algorithms can be considered the preferred trend since their use significantly reduces the complexity of neural network training. So, developing unsupervised image segmentation algorithms is one of the topical tasks of machine learning. This year, a team of developers from Google, MIT, and Cornell University developed the STEGO algorithm, which is an unsupervised and non-convolutional neural network. As its author stated, the STEGO algorithm performs well at image segmentation problems compared with other machine learning models. And this algorithm does not need a large amount of training data, unlike convolutional neural networks, which are widely used for medical image analysis. So, the aim of this work is to check the possibility of using this neural network for scintigraphy image segmentation by testing whether the STEGO algorithm is relevant when applied to a scintigraphy dataset. To achieve this goal, the intersection over union metric (IoU) was chosen for evaluating the correctness of the detection of the location of metastases. The training dataset consists of scintigraphic images of patients with various types of cancer and various metastasis appearances. Another version of this metric (mIoU, mean intersection over union) was also used by the creators of STEGO to assess the quality of the model to segment images with different kinds of content. Since the calculated metrics are not good enough, the use of this algorithm for scintigraphic image analysis is not possible or requires the development of a special methodology for this.


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Ivan Ulitin, Marina Barulina and Marina Velikanova Using the STEGO Neural Network for Scintigraphic Image Analysis Reprinted from: Engineering Proceedings 2023, 33, 5, doi:10.3390/engproc2023033005

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