Use of carbon nanotubes for equalization of temperature fields in fiber optic gyroscopes

Конференция подготовлена сотрудниками: д.ф.-м.н Барулина М.А.. к.т.н. Голиков А.В. .
на базе: Лаборатория анализа и синтеза динамических систем в прецизионной механике.


A passive method is proposed in this research for minimization of the temperature drift of a strapdown inertial navigation system with fiber optic gyroscopes and accelerometers by means of reduction of the temperature differences between the structural components of individual gyroscopes as well as between gyroscopes and accelerometers. For this purpose, theoretically possible use of nanostructured composite materials based on carbon nanotubes and characterized by increased thermal conductivity in individual structural components of the system and fiber optic gyroscopes is considered. For achievement of the set purpose, a developed mathematical model of the non-uniform, non-steady temperature field of the strapdown inertial navigation system under consideration is supplemented with the option to change the thermophysical parameters of the model elements, into which highly thermally conductive composite nanomaterials are introduced. It is shown that increase in the equivalent thermal conductivity in an optical fiber coil by means of introduction of highly thermally conductive material into it significantly reduces the temperature differences.

Ключевые слова: carbon nanotubes; nanocomposite; temperature field; fiber optic gyroscope

DOI 10.5593/sgem2019/6.1/S24.063

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Golikov, A., Pankratov V., Barulina M., Efremov M. Use of carbon nanotubes for equalization of temperature fields in fiber optic gyroscopes // International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference-SGEM. 2019 Book number: 6.1. Pages: 483-488 DOI: 10.5593/sgem2019/6.1/S24.063

Дополнительная информация: 19th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2019